The Home Office

Transform a neglected space into your work station
  • Price range
    1,500 - 4,000
  • Work days
    +10 work days
  • Difficulty
  • Lead time
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What's included


Everything you need to get the job done.
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Shiplap Board
Maple Board
Painters Tape
Paint Bucket
Paint & Primer
Cleaning Rags
  • + 18 more items


Tools delivered, and returned upon completion.
Carpenter Rule
Caulk Gun
Jig Saw
Tape Measure
Paint Roller
  • + 4 more items


Videos, drawings, and step-by-step directions.
Turn off utilities
No items found.
Find your circuit breaker and make sure all outlets, lights, and any other electrical components are turned off in the project-area. If there are any plumbing elements in the project-area, find the...
Prep your workspace
No items found.
To protect your floors, put a canvas blanket down to make sure any tools or paint don't ruin them. Make sure to have a table nearby to set all of your tools onto, and an extension cord that is out...
No items found.
If there are any elements that would obstruct your new design, use a crowbar to gently remove. If any debris has nails that are sticking out, ensure you remove them (by using a hammer) and dispose...
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How it works

1. Kickoff your project

After submitting a deposit, you'll speak to one of our architects to guide you through measuring & project planning.

2. Planned & Shipped

Once we understand your unique space, we'll develop your custom project plan and send the materials to your door.

3. Assemble

After receiving your kit you're ready to get started on your project using our step-by-step directions.

Why DIY?

The Numbers
Save up to 75% of project costs by doing-it-yourself.
Of all home improvement projects are done by do-it-yourselfers.
Median savings on a bathroom renovation by avoiding labor costs.
U.S. Census Bureau

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